Kitchens within confines of a small area

A kitchen can be the most central hub of your home so it’s important to get it right. A kitchen that works for you and your family is a kitchen containing all your required favorite appliances and gives you a sense of space with plenty of storage as well as significantly increasing the value of your home. In many cases, however, size is the real issue. Most of us do not have vast kitchens portrayed in the glossy brochures. That’s where careful and creative planning comes in. JTA specialise in the design, assembly, decoration & installation. Tailoring a kitchen to suit all your needs. We will listen to your wish list and transform your kitchen using CAD tools to help you through the process. Industry standard units are used from a variety of high street suppliers to give you what you are looking for. YOU BUY WE FIT. In some cases, customer prefer to source their own units, appliances etc. We are happy to help with this & fit the delivered units etc for you.

Kitchen complete layout turnaround

Here is a complete turnaround. A layout which did not work, where the dining room was isolated from the kitchen with an unusable utility in the middle. The solution was to completely redesign the whole section of the house. Moving the kitchen from the back to the front, removing walls and relocating the gas boiler and adding bifold doors. The final result is a kitchen dining area which flows and opens up into the garden.

Cottage Kitchen